8 December 2011

Kian - an update

So any readers who actually read my blog and care about it at all (maybe the one of you that there is) will remember that a year ago, or actually 13 months ago I posted to tell all that my nephew had been brought into the world. 

Obviously much has changed with said nephew, he has gone from being a baby who can only sleep, cry and poop to turning into this scamp who likes to pull anything he can get his hands on (including my hair which is so long at the moment) and make extremely loud noises. He also still poops. 

That is the little boy himself there looking as mischievous as ever. He is almost at the stage of walking and talking which is obviously very exciting. However I have feeling once he does start talking he won't shut up ever. Not that I'm complaining... yet. 

6 December 2011


For as long as I can possibly remember I have wanted to write, to be considered and known as a writer. I believe that one day it will happen, one day I will have published work instead of just meaningless blogs on the internet but in the meantime I find it difficult to live this hum-drum, day-to-day life of... nothing. 

Every day that goes by and I write nothing is a day wasted and yet I sit and I stare at this blank document and I wonder to myself if said blank document will ever turn into anything meaningful? I have so many ideas, but when I write them down I lose focus and concentration and give up, I try and I try to actually make something last but then, I just can't. 

And it occurs to me that this is not even half the battle, what if I do write something good, maybe even something great but then it is rejected? What then? I know plenty of people who want to be writers, who want to have a book, and who have ideas, and connections, how to stand out from the crowd? What would make me better than them?

My passion? I feel I lack, I live for writing, I feel as though it is what I was born to do and I am not happier than when I am writing, however I don't think that comes across easily via text.

Maybe I will never accomplish my dreams, I know I need to keep trying, I do. But sometimes it is so very difficult.

21 November 2011

November Favourites

So my friend has started doing this thing on his blogs monthly where he puts his favourite things of the moment down, so I decided to perhaps do the same. It'll be good for me to get back into the swing of things!

TV Show

Right now I am just loving Modern Family. I started watching it a couple of weeks ago at the insistence on one of my friends and already have seen the whole first season. It's fantastic!

Quite possibly the most dysfunctional family ever.


Every month I make a playlist full of songs I love and am listening to at the minute, here are some of the songs being played on my November 2011 playlist.


Titanic, I just rewatched it and forgot quite how good it was. 

Really should have used a breathmint... 

I mean, it's heart wrenching, so sad, I normally end up mourning Jack for around two days after seeing the film ( I get into it, okay ) and how gorgeous is Leonardo DiCaprio?! Yeah, 'nuff said. 


So it's been a long long time since I posted on here! I used to have funny things to post but at the moment I've not got anything, sort of moved on to tumblr so... 

1 December 2010


And so December is upon us, which means in just twenty-five days (or less depending on when you are reading this) it shall be Christmas Day. 

I love Christmas, I love getting excited for it, I love decorating the flat for Christmas, I love standing outside in the freezing cold pretending to like mulled wine (for 2 sips and then giving it to someone else) that you paid an absolute fortune for (£5.50). I love it, I love browsing the German Market, I love it when it gets snowy, I love Christmas. 

Merry Christmas!

However what I do not love about Christmas is the stress to get everyones presents. That part, I hate. Presents are a big deal, but I try to only get presents for family, and close friends, because it just makes it so much easier that way. But there's still the panic, are you going to get someone more than what they got you? If you're disappointed by a present you have to hide it... It's difficult.

To be honest the day I look the most forward to is Christmas Eve. You cannot go wrong with Christmas Eve. It's impossible. The anticipation for the next morning is still there, you spend more time with family and less time with presents or being rushed around cooking a dinner, helping or whatever it is you choose to do with your day. 

Christmas Eve is that perfect day where everything is done, you do not need to worry about anything else now, everything is done, you can relax, whatever is going to go wrong the next day cannot be changed now, just relax. It's perfect. I love it. 

However this snow at the moment, I am not so fond of to be honest. The snow that has closed my university, the snow that makes walking to work in the morning take twice as long, the snow that has everyone moaning and complaining about it. Let's just get on with it and hope it goes away.